Your Life Lesson – Enemy or Ally?

I am a Soul Psychologist and Life Purpose Consultant. In my practice I use the Scientific Art of Hand Analysis to diagnose the specific Life Lesson my clients have chosen to grapple with in order to fuel the unique Life Purpose they have come to fulfill.

Just as a mere eight notes arranged on ten horizontal lines can eventually come to comprise the entire score of a symphony, so the four basic types of fingerprint inscribed on the tips of ten fingers form a virtually infinite variety of patterns, each of which represents a specific Life Lesson and/or Life Purpose. Certain fingerprint combinations which occur more frequently than others have been given archetypal names.

One of the most common archetypes shows up on the left middle finger and is referred to as “Mr. Not Good Enough.” The theme in the life of a person with this Life Lesson is a sense of unworthiness, underscored by guilt.

While the Hand Map can provide a useful aid, we all know the map is not the territory. We need more than just a map to equip us to meet the inevitable challenges we encounter along the way. I offer my clients a practical toolkit designed to release the relentless grip of the inner critic’s debilitating, “never good enough,” message, and replace it with the liberating inner voice of a wise counsellor and mentor.