Your Life Purpose is in Your Hands


Unique, unchanging, and formed five months before birth, fingerprints have been an accepted and infallible means of personal identification for more than a century, most often used to prove the guilt of those accused of criminal acts.

However, what if, instead of being evidence of your guilt, the unique patterns on your fingertips could also reveal exactly what you are meant to do with your life? What if the mysterious patterns, the hills and valleys, the lines, waves, whorls and loops inscribed there, were a precisely designed topographical map revealing the exact location of the treasure your soul aches for,

What if your hands contained the formula for to living a life you love by mastering the unique Life Purpose along with the specific Life Lesson you signed up to learn while here in “EarthUniversity?”

Wouldn’t you want to know? 

Of course you would.

The only question is, are you willing to grapple with the hindrances to fulfilling your Life’s Purpose that are embedded within your fingerprints specifically designed to challenge you to fulfill your destiny? 

To book local Hand Readings: Shelora Fitzgerald, M.Ed. (604) 781-0867