What Is Hand Analysis?

images-48Hand analysis is a combination of ancient palmistry and the latest scientific advances in human psychology and philosophy.  

The first image of a hand, sometimes called the first human portrait, was stenciled on the wall of a cave in France some 32,000 years ago. Due to the fact the cave is now under water, the images appear as fresh as if they had been made yesterday. Many of the hands are small, and appear to be female. Their position at the rear of the caves, alongside  images of animals, suggests that handprints were part of a magic ritual to ensure the hunt was successful. In some ways the use of hand reading to predict one’s chances of survival has not changed that much in 32,000 years!

But, while hand reading is still an intuitive, mystical art, requiring extensive practice, and sophisticated pattern recognition, the correlations between personality type and physical health are now substantiated by a huge medical and forensic data base gathered over the last century, culminating in a new scientific approach called Hand Analysis.

The Art of Hand Analysis consists of combining a variety of factors such as hand shape, position and structure of fingers, colour, texture, vertical and horizontal lines, as well as special markings called gift markings to describe the energy style and personality.

While it is a complex art to master, requiring extensive practice to pattern recognition, it meets the requirements of the scientific method:

  1. It is a simple system which can be taught and learned.   
  2. The results are consistent and duplicatable.
  3. There is a 99% accuracy rate.

Scientific discoveries in the last 100 years reveal that the lines on your hands are a map of the major neural pathways of your brain. Lines can change. Your fingerprints,however, formed when you were in utero between the 14th and 16th week of development and do not change. 

The introduction of scientific analysis has altered the nature of of hand reading from that of prophecy to possibility. It does not predict, it only points the way to fulfilling the potential that lies within your grasp. 

But what distinguishes Hand Analysis from Palm Reading, (think mysterious Gypsy Lady, complete with turban and crystal ball, chanting “Cross my palm with silver!”) is the unique system of analyzing your fingerprints to determine the purpose of your life developed by Richard Unger, Founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis. Unger refers to this system as that of “Soul Psychology.”

The lines in your palms reveal your unique style of feeling, thinking, behaving, and communicating as well as your special gifts (such as writing, healing or teaching), your career path, and your physical stamina level. This is your Personality Psychology, the energy you are given, if you will, to fulfill your Life Purpose. 

According to Unger, who has read more than 60,000 hands, and who received this system in a mysterious download in the archives of a New York medical library, your fingerprints reveal your Soul’s Agenda. They are an energy wave imprint of your soul’s assignment; what you are here on Earth to learn in order to manifest your Life Purpose. This snapshot of your Cosmic Signature or vibration contains what Unger refers to as your Soul Psychology.