Shelora’s Story

Shelora in BarcelonaI have worn many costumes and played many roles in my lifetime. From the age of three, I have been on stage, in one way or another, in front of either an audience or a classroom.  I have performed as an actress, ballet dancer, theatre director, broadcaster, and independent filmmaker. I have taught the Theatre Arts at the College and University level. Most recently, I completed a career as a High School English and Drama Teacher. 

I have four University Degrees, including a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology; I am a Registered Clinical Counselor, Life Purpose Coach, Soul Psychologist, and a lifelong Spiritual Intuitive. 

For more than thirty years I have worked with literally thousands of people all over North America and Europe, helping them break through the obstacles that held them back from living lives that they loved, lives that fulfilled the special gifts and talents that I intuitively knew they possessed. I have been called a ‘Visionary,’ and even, occasionally, a “Miracle Worker.”

By most accounts, I would have been considered successful.

Nevertheless, no matter how many accomplishments I accumulated, it still was not enough to satisfy me. Somehow, despite all my achievements, my soul still craved something more. 

I have always been fascinated by why we are here, and what we are meant to do with our lives. In pursuit of that fascination, I have studied every philosophy, acquired four university degrees, read every self-help book, gone to every seminar, lecture, and film. I did every possible personal growth workshop, trying to determine the purpose of all the pain and suffering I had gone through.   

While doing all those things certainly helped my growth, nothing really got to the core of answering my most fundamental questions:

“What is my specific purpose in coming here?”  “What is the exact nature of the mission I have always known I came to fulfill?”  “What am I meant to be doing with my life?”  “What is my calling?” “Is this it? Or is there something more important that I should be doing?”

I wondered, “Why am I not living what I know deep down is my destiny?” “Why is life so damned hard?” “Shouldn’t there be some meaning or purpose to life that is higher than all this struggle and striving?”  “What am I supposed to be learning here?” “What is the matter with me?” “Isn’t this good enough?” “Haven’t I done enough?” “What more do you want from me?” Finally, “With all I have done and learned and experienced, why the heck isn’t my soul satisfied?”

You can see that I was becoming a tad frustrated and discouraged by my quest for meaning. 

Underneath, there were even deeper questions, questions that I was afraid to let myself even know, let alone ask myself.

“Is it too late? “Has my life passed me by? “”Have I failed God by failing to use the abundance of gifts that He gave me?” “Is this dream of mine to reach and influence a wide audience just a trick my ego uses to keep me in its thrall? Do I have a worthy message to deliver? Who do I think I am? Someone special?”

Round and round it went, getting me nowhere, fast. 

I had tried everything; yet, I was still at my wits end as to what I was supposed to be doing with my life.


Finally, a few years ago, a longstanding friend of mine, called to invite me to have a Life Purpose Hand Reading. She had watched me grapple with these core dilemmas and take course after course for years. She had watched me work, she knew what my abilities were, and she had always believed in me. She knew that, despite all the many people I had helped, I was still playing small in my life. I was stuck. I had not yet really stepped into the Higher Calling that she knew I was both capable and worthy of. She told me that this reading might turn my life around, and head me in the direction of my destiny. I must have my Life Purpose read from my fingerprints! 

I have to admit that at first I was dubious. How could just one evening be “guaranteed to change my life?” What could fingerprints have to do with that? 

I declined.

However, my friend insisted.

And I am so glad that she did.

I loaded up my car with fellow seekers, and headed off to Bellingham for a Hand Reading Circle with her longtime friend and colleague, Richard Unger, Founder of the International Institute for Hand Analysis, and author of a best selling book, “Lifeprints: Deciphering Your Life’s Purpose from Your Fingerprints.” 


My friend was right, of course.  

In five minutes, Unger outlined the precise nature of my Sacred Contract with the Divine, the assignment that I undertook to accomplish during this lifetime, and revealed that in my own hands. I have all the tools necessary to fulfill my purpose.

That five-minute reading has literally transformed my life.

It was truly astounding to me that a complete stranger, who knew nothing about me, could read the purpose for my life, the reason I am the way I am, and what I am meant to do, simply from what is written in my hands.

Even more amazing is that this incredibly accurate message direct from my Soul was imprinted into my body, long before I was born, by some mysterious process even Unger himself does not understand. 

He told me that my hands showed that I am a gifted writer, speaker and teacher, and I have at least one book in me, if not more. He said my Life Purpose was to communicate my message to the masses, in service to a Higher Truth.  

He said that I came in to this life with a Karmic wound to heal, and it would only be healed by speaking my truth, in the spotlight, with integrity, thereby helping others to heal as well.

He went on to say that I possess every skill needed to fulfill my mission from God, that I came equipped with the tools necessary to attain material, worldly success by utilizing those abilities. 

Talk about a daunting responsibility!

Yet, speaking my truth to a mass audience is exactly what Richard was telling me I am here to do.

He did acknowledge that declaring your emotional truth to anyone, whether it be an important person in your life, your family, a close group of friends, or even a classroom, church or community group, can be “easier said than done.”  It could be even more daunting, he suggested, to bare your soul in front of a large audience, knowing the devastating impact that being ‘booed’ and hauled off the stage in a hail of rotten tomatoes could have on the essence of your being!  

He said I had probably experienced excommunication from my family for confronting them with an embarrassing truth. He explained that I could have remained in the family if I had chosen to keep it to myself, but he suspected that I had chosen otherwise. He also suggested that someone with a Life Purpose and Life Lesson like mine would almost certainly undergo public humiliation and rejection in this lifetime and others, simply for speaking out. He was correct on both counts.

I have always had spiritual insight and intuition. Even as a child, I seemed to know what others did not, often before they were ready to hear it. I was a highly imaginative and creative, sensitive, child. I was also quite naïve and trusting, and seemed to have no way of protecting myself from being taken advantage of, mocked and bullied at school. I certainly experienced what seemed at the time more than my share of being violated, overpowered, humiliated, shamed and abused.

Like most sensitive creative children, I learned early on not to say anything, and instead, to hide myself in a character in a book or in a role in a play in which I was performing. Discovering the world of theatre and ballet was my salvation. I felt safer in the spotlight than in the schoolyard, or at home for that matter. There I was taunted by my mother, “Who do you think you are, Sarah Bernhardt?”

I have spent a lifetime knowing that I came here to do something important in the world, to contribute to furthering the evolution of human consciousness.

Likewise, I have spent that lifetime feeling I failed in that mission, enduring countless forms of painful rejection, separation, isolation, attack, abuse and loss, so much so that I despaired of ever being able to fulfill my commitment to my Soul’s Agenda.  

On the other hand, it is also true that, thanks to my adventurous, trusting nature, I have been blessed with an amazing spectrum of magical experiences. It is as if my life has been a magical mystery tour of spiritual adventures and miraculous transformations.  

The impact of what he was saying resonated to the depths of my being. In front of an entire room, in just five minutes he had unpacked the most critical dilemmas of my life, and revealed the truth of my relationships with my family, friends, and colleagues, all my successes and failures, career, and the deeper meaning of

It was truly astounding to me that a complete stranger, who knew nothing about me, could read the purpose for my life, the reason I am the way I am, and exactly what I elected to accomplish during my sojourn here on earth, simply by reading what is written in my hands.

It was even more amazing to learn that my Soul had inscribed this incredibly perceptive message into the waves and ridges that formed my fingertips five months before I was born, by some mysterious process that even Unger himself does not understand, and they would never change.

I felt a humbling sense of relief and reassurance, once I realized that this was not the seductive voice of my inflated ego tempting me to grandiose fantasies, but, rather, the gentle sound of my Soul’s Purpose, yearning to be heard, acknowledged, and employed as a contribution to this world. 

The Voice of my true heart’s desire was not a message from my ego about my specialness. It was a message from my Higher Self about what A Course in Miracles calls my special function here on earth. I am here to teach and inspire others, as a demonstration of the power of living your passions on purpose.

Somehow, hearing this message allowed the truth of who I am and why I am here to sink in.

I understood that my spiritual intuition and my creative gifts were literally ‘handed’ to me for a specific purpose; not because I am special as in “more, better, or different” than others, but, because I am unique, just as everyone is. I am meant to use my gifts in service, not to waste or squander them by “letting them slip right through my fingers,” so to speak.

My reading clearly shown me  compelling evidence evidence of my Sacred Contract with the Divine, the assignment that I undertook to accomplish during this lifetime.

In the face of this compelling evidence of the Divine Imperative, it seemed obvious that it was time to gather my courage and undertake the Spiritual Journey mapped out for me by my Soul. After all, the guidelines to living my right life, complete with warnings about possible dangers and pitfalls along the way to the treasure, had lain hidden right in front of my eyes, all my life just waiting for me to discover it.