Why Hand Anaysis?

images-35.jpegI received my first Life Purpose Hand Analysis from Richard Unger, Founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis, and Author of “Lifeprints: Deciphering Your Life Purpose From Your Fingerprints.”

When I discovered the Divine Life Purpose Statement that had been inscribed into my fingertips five months before I was born, it felt as if I had been given the magical key that unlocked the gateway to the sacred treasure that I had been seeking all my life. It was a powerful confirmation of what I had always intuitively known to be my Soul’s Destiny, my reason for being here.

What’s more, through the magic of Hand Analysis I had received absolute proof that there is a Divine Imperative, proof which I had been searching for, both for myself, and for my clients. While we do have free will, our lives are not random, or accidental. They are miraculous.

There is a Cosmic Blueprint for our spiritual evolution in this lifetime embedded in our bodies. Our hands are inscribed with a Cosmic Signature, signed, sealed and delivered by the Invisible Hand of the Divine.

That message from my Soul resonated deeply within me, like the memory of a familiar tune echoing from a distant time and place that I recognized as Home.

I was so moved and inspired by this astounding discovery, that I felt compelled to acquire and master the skill that had produced such a profound an impact in so short a time, so I could bring the message contained in “The Scientific Art of Hand Analysis” to the world.

From a professional point of view, I have found Hand Analysis to be the most powerful, precise, and effective assessment tool that I have come across in more than thirty years of practice as a Registered Clinical Counselor, Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, and Course in Miracles Practitioner. I could immediately see how it would enhance my work so I could increase its effectiveness exponentially.

Consequently, after two and a half years of rigorous study and extensive practice with Master Teacher, Richard Unger, of the International Institute for Hand Analysis, I am certified as an Advanced Hand Analyst.

I am now fluent in the Secret Language of Hand Analysis.

Having studied my own Hand Mirror intensively, and read close to 700 hands, I have discovered that my Life Purpose is to help you live your Life Purpose, so that you, too, can live a passionate purposeful, soul-satisfying life.

Not only can I detect your Life’s Purpose from your fingerprints; I can also help you identify the Life Lesson you came here to learn while you are in Earth University.

I can also tell you what your ‘Hand Mirror’ reveals about your individual strengths and weaknesses, and identify the special gifts and talents you have been blessed with in the areas of Success, Leadership, Money, Creativity, Communication, Work, and Relationship.

At a glance, I can tell you what your Hand Mirror reveals about your individual strengths and weaknesses, your special gifts and talents in the areas of Success, Leadership, Money, Creativity, Communication, Work, and Relationship.

In short, due to my extensive experience and education as a Soul Psychologist, I am qualified to determine not only your Personality Psychology but how it works with your Soul Psychology to fulfill your exalted Life Purpose.

I combine both Ancient Mysticism and the Modern Science Arts to help you overcome and break through any fears or limitations that have been holding you back from living your Life Purpose out loud! 



If someone you know or care about has a problem with their soul, if their life seems random, empty, meaningless, futile and directionless, consider presenting them with a Life Purpose Hand Analysis Reading.

I guarantee you they will get a new perspective on the meaning and purpose of their life, and a sense of actions they can take to begin fulfilling that purpose.

If you, yourself, are intrigued, and want to learn more about the curriculum you have chosen to study at ‘Earth University,’ I am currently accepting clients for Hand Analysis Readings and Life Purpose Coaching.

Just for good measure, for those who want to go deeper into exploring their Soul’s Contract, I also do Shamanic Lost Soul Retrievals.

With the help of my Guides, Helpers, and Angels, I am able to recover the fragments of your soul that separated off during a particularly difficult or traumatic part of your Life Lesson, and bring them back to participate in fulfilling the next exciting chapter of your Soul’s Journey.


Please contact me, so we can have a consultation to discover if we both feel we are a fit. If so, we can set up a time to do and Hand Analysis, and then continue to work together on identifying what it will take to unleash your passion so you can begin to grapple with the Life Lessons you came to learn, and embrace living your life “on purpose!”


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