What is the Purpose of My Life?

images-25In attempting to answer that age old question, I want to share some thoughts about the meaning of Life Purpose written by world renowned  Hand Analyst, Richard Unger, founder of the International Institute for Hand Analysis and author of “Lifeprints: Deciphering Hour Life Purpose From Your Fingerprints.”

Richard has been reading hands since 1967. After he had read over 60,000 he stopped counting.Yet he was intrigued with the fact that barely anything was written in scientific journals about fingerprints. So he went on quest for the meaning of these unique, unchanging “dermatoglyphs” or skin carvings. 

In 1979, he found his answer in the archives of a Mediical Library,  holding a book called, “Fingerprints, Palms and Soles,” in his white gloved hands. Suddenly, “‘soles’ became ‘souls,’ and In a matter of minutes, he “downloaded” an elegant, yet simple system of decoding your Soul’s Agenda for your life from your fingerprints. He describes the experience as remembering something he already knew.

He calls this system, which form the basis of his life’s work, Soul Psychology.  Unlike the mystical art of Palm Reading, which purports to prophecy your fate, and tell you what will happen to you in the future. Unger believes that the choice to develop the Life Purpose that our Soul has written in our fingerprints, and fulfill our  potential destiny, is entirely up to us.

The following is an excerpt from his book.  

“To know your Life Purpose is to see the big picture: to understand the significance of past events and current circumstances and see your own role in the unfolding of your life story. More than a set of core values or a worthy goal, your Life Purpose is Your Right Life, your reason for being. Finding and living your Life Purpose is the single most important thing you can ever do.

Life Purpose is not about getting your life into some ultimately optimal arrangement. Nor is it about matching your capabilities and inclinations to the marketplace. Life Purpose is bigger than that. Living your Life Purpose means developing a state of consciousness that naturally unfolds into your Right Life.

Life Purpose is a state of consciousness, not an action to take or a profession to master.

  • Life Purpose is a process, a life sized journey, rather than a final destination.
  • Life Purpose is non-circumstantial, it is available to you right now.
  • Life Purpose seeks meaning and fulfillment, it defines what is important in your life.

Shelora in BarcelonaUpon meeting Richard Unger,  I was seized with a desire to master the Scientific Art of Hand Analysis.  As a Registered Clinical Counsellor with over 30 years experience counselling thousands of clients to live authentically, I am astounded by the scope and uncanny accuracy of this assessment tool.  

Hand Analysis identifies not only the reason you are here, and the underlying theme and meaning of your life, but also the purpose of all your trials, pain and suffering. It clearly demonstrates precisely what is holding you back from you back from fulfilling your mission here on Earth.

Personally, I find the implications of being able to decipher your Destiny from a message from your Soul, written by an “Invisible Hand,” or what I like to call “Your Cosmic Signature,” astoundingI  

As a former Highschool teacher I watched students struggle with the question, “What are you going to do with your life?”

Imagine what would be possible if every one of us knew how to read the unique “Treasure Map to Success”  that lies hidden right in front of our eyes, waiting to be discovered. 

Knowing what I do now about this incredibly powerful, albeit seemingly magical, tool, I would like to see every child knowing the how to read the User’s Manual, they came equipped with by the time they are in Grade 3.  The instructions have been written specifically to guide them, and they came with on the package, so that we would not lose them or throw them away!

What are your thoughts on this? Please leave a comment of question, and I will do my best to respond.