Welcome to the World of Hand Analysis


Well, first off, in order to fit the criteria of the science, a method must be teachable, learnable, and repeatable. Furthermore, the scientific process must demonstrate consistent, accurate and reliable results, even when performed by different practitioners who do not have prior knowledge of previous results.  Hand Analysis meets all these criteria. It has a ninety-nine percent accuracy rate, and the remaining 1% say they recognized that what had been identified was their true Life Purpose, but they just didn’t want it! 

The innovative scientific technology of modern Hand Analysis takes the ancient mystical art of Palmistry, and combines it with modern forensic and medical science. It is supported by the research and documentation of literally hundreds of thousands of Hand Readings over a period of more than forty years, many of them using only the handprints or fingerprints of the subject, without identification. The results are uncannily accurate, and recognizably specific to the person whose hands are being analyzed. In fact, any number of Hand Analysts could look at the same pair of handprints and come to the same conclusions, without eve have met the owner of those hands. 


By some mysterious process, it is as if your unique vibrational signature is captured in a flash frame snapshot, frozen in time, and forms a sort of tiny topographical treasure map to fulfilling our soul’s agenda in this lifetime.

Because the patterns of each person’s fingerprint signature are so unique and unchanging, they form an indelible imprint of each person’s specific identity. What’s more, they have been contain a mysterious, encoded language, that, once deciphered, reveals a message about who we really are, what we are here to learn, and the destiny we came to fulfill in this lifetime.  

It’s true.

It is as if some invisible hand inscribed a personal message directly from our souls that has the power to identify, access and unleash the wealth of possibility that lies hidden within each of us. This is why I call it  “Your Cosmic Signature.”


The difference between palmistry and Hand Analysis lies in the information encrypted in the lines and whorls and ridges of that form your fingerprints, called “dermatoglyphs,” or skin carvings.  Palmistry does not address the fingerprints at all, and yet this is where the magic and power of Hand Analysis is located. Your fingerprints, do not change, as do the lines and markings in your palms. Your fingerprints begin as tiny mountains, called volar pads. on the tips of your fingers, Somewhere between fourteen and sixteen weeks these little mountains flatten out into a sort of topographical map, with specific lines and ridges that do not change.  

Another difference is that palmistry deals with prophecy. It purports to tell you how many children you will have, if any, how many affairs or marriages you will have, if any, and sometimes even goes so far as to predict how long you will live! Hand Analysis, on the other hand (can’t help it) deals with potential and possibility, not probability or prophecy.