Your Life Lesson – Enemy or Ally?

I am a Soul Psychologist and Life Purpose Consultant. In my practice I use the Scientific Art of Hand Analysis to diagnose the specific Life Lesson my clients have chosen to grapple with in order to fuel the unique Life Purpose they have come to fulfill.

Just as a mere eight notes arranged on ten horizontal lines can eventually come to comprise the entire score of a symphony, so the four basic types of fingerprint inscribed on the tips of ten fingers form a virtually infinite variety of patterns, each of which represents a specific Life Lesson and/or Life Purpose. Certain fingerprint combinations which occur more frequently than others have been given archetypal names.

One of the most common archetypes shows up on the left middle finger and is referred to as “Mr. Not Good Enough.” The theme in the life of a person with this Life Lesson is a sense of unworthiness, underscored by guilt.

While the Hand Map can provide a useful aid, we all know the map is not the territory. We need more than just a map to equip us to meet the inevitable challenges we encounter along the way. I offer my clients a practical toolkit designed to release the relentless grip of the inner critic’s debilitating, “never good enough,” message, and replace it with the liberating inner voice of a wise counsellor and mentor.

Shelora Fitzgerald – Soul Psychologist B. Ed., M. Ed., RCC


Shelora Fitzgerald is a Spiritual Intuitive, a Visionary, a Soul Psychologist and an Advanced Hand Analyst, certified by the International Institute for Hand Analysis.

She brings the wisdom of more than thirty years experience as a a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Teacher of “A Course in Miracles,” to her Life Purpose Consulting Practice.

Shelora is also a Writer, Speaker and Seminar Leader who is well known for her personal,‘hands on’ coaching and teaching, and her dynamic, entertaining presentation style.

She has inspired thousands to identify their unique Life Purpose, unleash their passion, and create fulfilling, soul satisfying lives for themselves that they love!

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Five months before you were born, an Invisible Hand inscribed your unique Cosmic Vibrational Signature into your fingerprints. It contains a clear message from your Soul about the Divine Assignment you undertook to fulfill while in Earth University.

Shelora’s Individual Life Purpose Reading & Coaching Program participants discover their own specific Divine Life Purpose, and receive in depth guidance and coaching to support them in living it.

The key to unlocking your Right Life is right in front of your eyes, waiting be revealed to you by our pioneering ‘Lifeprints’ Hand Analysis System.

The only question is . . .

Will you choose to know it?

Will you choose to live it?






Why Hand Anaysis?

images-35.jpegI received my first Life Purpose Hand Analysis from Richard Unger, Founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis, and Author of “Lifeprints: Deciphering Your Life Purpose From Your Fingerprints.”

When I discovered the Divine Life Purpose Statement that had been inscribed into my fingertips five months before I was born, it felt as if I had been given the magical key that unlocked the gateway to the sacred treasure that I had been seeking all my life. It was a powerful confirmation of what I had always intuitively known to be my Soul’s Destiny, my reason for being here.

What’s more, through the magic of Hand Analysis I had received absolute proof that there is a Divine Imperative, proof which I had been searching for, both for myself, and for my clients. While we do have free will, our lives are not random, or accidental. They are miraculous.

There is a Cosmic Blueprint for our spiritual evolution in this lifetime embedded in our bodies. Our hands are inscribed with a Cosmic Signature, signed, sealed and delivered by the Invisible Hand of the Divine.

That message from my Soul resonated deeply within me, like the memory of a familiar tune echoing from a distant time and place that I recognized as Home.

I was so moved and inspired by this astounding discovery, that I felt compelled to acquire and master the skill that had produced such a profound an impact in so short a time, so I could bring the message contained in “The Scientific Art of Hand Analysis” to the world.

From a professional point of view, I have found Hand Analysis to be the most powerful, precise, and effective assessment tool that I have come across in more than thirty years of practice as a Registered Clinical Counselor, Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, and Course in Miracles Practitioner. I could immediately see how it would enhance my work so I could increase its effectiveness exponentially.

Consequently, after two and a half years of rigorous study and extensive practice with Master Teacher, Richard Unger, of the International Institute for Hand Analysis, I am certified as an Advanced Hand Analyst.

I am now fluent in the Secret Language of Hand Analysis.

Having studied my own Hand Mirror intensively, and read close to 700 hands, I have discovered that my Life Purpose is to help you live your Life Purpose, so that you, too, can live a passionate purposeful, soul-satisfying life.

Not only can I detect your Life’s Purpose from your fingerprints; I can also help you identify the Life Lesson you came here to learn while you are in Earth University.

I can also tell you what your ‘Hand Mirror’ reveals about your individual strengths and weaknesses, and identify the special gifts and talents you have been blessed with in the areas of Success, Leadership, Money, Creativity, Communication, Work, and Relationship.

At a glance, I can tell you what your Hand Mirror reveals about your individual strengths and weaknesses, your special gifts and talents in the areas of Success, Leadership, Money, Creativity, Communication, Work, and Relationship.

In short, due to my extensive experience and education as a Soul Psychologist, I am qualified to determine not only your Personality Psychology but how it works with your Soul Psychology to fulfill your exalted Life Purpose.

I combine both Ancient Mysticism and the Modern Science Arts to help you overcome and break through any fears or limitations that have been holding you back from living your Life Purpose out loud! 



If someone you know or care about has a problem with their soul, if their life seems random, empty, meaningless, futile and directionless, consider presenting them with a Life Purpose Hand Analysis Reading.

I guarantee you they will get a new perspective on the meaning and purpose of their life, and a sense of actions they can take to begin fulfilling that purpose.

If you, yourself, are intrigued, and want to learn more about the curriculum you have chosen to study at ‘Earth University,’ I am currently accepting clients for Hand Analysis Readings and Life Purpose Coaching.

Just for good measure, for those who want to go deeper into exploring their Soul’s Contract, I also do Shamanic Lost Soul Retrievals.

With the help of my Guides, Helpers, and Angels, I am able to recover the fragments of your soul that separated off during a particularly difficult or traumatic part of your Life Lesson, and bring them back to participate in fulfilling the next exciting chapter of your Soul’s Journey.


Please contact me, so we can have a consultation to discover if we both feel we are a fit. If so, we can set up a time to do and Hand Analysis, and then continue to work together on identifying what it will take to unleash your passion so you can begin to grapple with the Life Lessons you came to learn, and embrace living your life “on purpose!”


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I am available on Skype as ‘shelorafitzgerald’

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What is the Purpose of My Life?

images-25In attempting to answer that age old question, I want to share some thoughts about the meaning of Life Purpose written by world renowned  Hand Analyst, Richard Unger, founder of the International Institute for Hand Analysis and author of “Lifeprints: Deciphering Hour Life Purpose From Your Fingerprints.”

Richard has been reading hands since 1967. After he had read over 60,000 he stopped counting.Yet he was intrigued with the fact that barely anything was written in scientific journals about fingerprints. So he went on quest for the meaning of these unique, unchanging “dermatoglyphs” or skin carvings. 

In 1979, he found his answer in the archives of a Mediical Library,  holding a book called, “Fingerprints, Palms and Soles,” in his white gloved hands. Suddenly, “‘soles’ became ‘souls,’ and In a matter of minutes, he “downloaded” an elegant, yet simple system of decoding your Soul’s Agenda for your life from your fingerprints. He describes the experience as remembering something he already knew.

He calls this system, which form the basis of his life’s work, Soul Psychology.  Unlike the mystical art of Palm Reading, which purports to prophecy your fate, and tell you what will happen to you in the future. Unger believes that the choice to develop the Life Purpose that our Soul has written in our fingerprints, and fulfill our  potential destiny, is entirely up to us.

The following is an excerpt from his book.  

“To know your Life Purpose is to see the big picture: to understand the significance of past events and current circumstances and see your own role in the unfolding of your life story. More than a set of core values or a worthy goal, your Life Purpose is Your Right Life, your reason for being. Finding and living your Life Purpose is the single most important thing you can ever do.

Life Purpose is not about getting your life into some ultimately optimal arrangement. Nor is it about matching your capabilities and inclinations to the marketplace. Life Purpose is bigger than that. Living your Life Purpose means developing a state of consciousness that naturally unfolds into your Right Life.

Life Purpose is a state of consciousness, not an action to take or a profession to master.

  • Life Purpose is a process, a life sized journey, rather than a final destination.
  • Life Purpose is non-circumstantial, it is available to you right now.
  • Life Purpose seeks meaning and fulfillment, it defines what is important in your life.

Shelora in BarcelonaUpon meeting Richard Unger,  I was seized with a desire to master the Scientific Art of Hand Analysis.  As a Registered Clinical Counsellor with over 30 years experience counselling thousands of clients to live authentically, I am astounded by the scope and uncanny accuracy of this assessment tool.  

Hand Analysis identifies not only the reason you are here, and the underlying theme and meaning of your life, but also the purpose of all your trials, pain and suffering. It clearly demonstrates precisely what is holding you back from you back from fulfilling your mission here on Earth.

Personally, I find the implications of being able to decipher your Destiny from a message from your Soul, written by an “Invisible Hand,” or what I like to call “Your Cosmic Signature,” astoundingI  

As a former Highschool teacher I watched students struggle with the question, “What are you going to do with your life?”

Imagine what would be possible if every one of us knew how to read the unique “Treasure Map to Success”  that lies hidden right in front of our eyes, waiting to be discovered. 

Knowing what I do now about this incredibly powerful, albeit seemingly magical, tool, I would like to see every child knowing the how to read the User’s Manual, they came equipped with by the time they are in Grade 3.  The instructions have been written specifically to guide them, and they came with on the package, so that we would not lose them or throw them away!

What are your thoughts on this? Please leave a comment of question, and I will do my best to respond. 

About Shelora

Shelora Fitzgerald

Soul Psychologist, Advanced Hand Analyst, Life Purpose Consultant, Inspirational Speaker, and Gifted Spiritual Intuitive


Shelora has been practicing the healing arts for more than 30 years. She has worked with thousands of people in both North America and Europe assisting them to discover and live their true Life’s Purpose.

In addition to Hand Analysis, just a few of the healing modalities she employs are: Brandon Bay’s “The Journey,” Fritz Perls’ Gestalt Therapy and Dream Work, Psychodrama, Voice Dialogue, and Universal Soul Retrieval. 

Shelora holds multiple degrees, including a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor.

She maintains an active practice doing Private and Group Hand Analysis Readings, Seminars,  and Life Transformation Counselling in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and Worldwide via Skype. 

She also delivers Educational Seminars, “Hands On” Workshops, Hand Reading Circles, and Keynote Addresses. 

Courses Offered:

  • “Your Cosmic Signature – Deciphering Your Life Purpose From Your Fingerprints”
  • “Money in Your Hands”

Speaking Topics:

  • “The Art of Hand Analysis”
  • “Your Cosmic Signature”
  • “Money In Your Hands”
  • “God’s Gifts in Your Hands”
  • “Your Brand is in Your Hands” 

Please feel to contact Shelora at inspiration (at) if you have any questions.

Shelora Fitzgerald
North Vancouver, British Columbia


A Commentary About Shelora

Shelora operates in all of the different realms we mortals operate in, namely, secular, psychological and spiritual.

Shelora Barcelona

She works one on one with clients as a Hand Analyst and Life Purpose Coach, doing whatever it takes to support them to transform their lives. Her goal is not to create long term clients who are dependent on her, but to help each client to discover their own unique life’s purpose, and give them what they need to build lives that are more free, happy, productive and fulfilled.

Shelora has studied many personal empowerment and healing models and has credible experience in everything from Dream Work, Gestalt Therapy, Voice Dialogue, Guided Visualisation and Psychodrama, to Career and Relationship Counselling. 

Shelora’s real gift is that she is able to weave these many different healing modalities together to arrive at a powerful, effective, and unique combination specifically tailored to each of her clients’ needs. 

A Lifelong Quest for Knowledge

Shelora is unrelenting in her search for new approaches to empowering her clients to live the most fulfilling lives possible, the lives they were designed for.  In her quest for expanding her own knowledge, she recently discovered the art of Hand Analysis. Her own experience of a Hand Analysis reading was so enlightening that she undertook a Year Long Certification Program with Master Teacher Richard Unger, the Founder of the International Institute for Hand Analysis (IIHA) and author of the book “Lifeprints: Deciphering Your Life Purpose From Your Fingerprints.” 

After nearly two years of study and reading close to five hundred hands, Shelora is now a Certified Hand Analyst, and is continuing Advanced training with Richard Unger in order to finally become a Master Hand Analyst so she can share this seemingly magical art to many. 

Beyond Borders

Shelora has traveled throughout North America and parts of Europe and Northern Africa. She is competent in the strengths, issues, and constructs of the North American, Asian, European cultural, psychological, and spiritual minds.

The daughter of an award-winning filmmaker, Shelora began her career in front of an audience at age three. At age sixteen she was selected from across Canada to attend the National Theatre School of Canada. Since then she has acted, directed, and produced theatre, film, and television.

Now, in the third act of her life, she is launching yet another career as an inspirational speaker, intent on enlightening the mind and educating the heart of humanity.

An Inspiration to Many

Shelora’s personal story of healing from tragedy and abuse through the power of forgiveness is currently being put into her novel, “White Butterflies: A Story of Forgiveness, Magic and Miracles.”

Shelora has survived many painful challenges that are almost beyond belief. Nevertheless, by overcoming the tragedies, and forgiving those who harmed her, she has become an inspiration to many through her uplifting message of hope and possibility.

Having an extremely creative and inquisitive mind, Shelora you will never catch Shelora standing still, except when she is in the spotlight, telling her amazing stories. She maintains a vibrant life, always learning and adding to her tool kit, all in the name of making this world a better place by helping each individual client and seminar attendee or audience member to expand his or her health, happiness, joy and live a life on purpose.

Rarely will you find someone so qualified and so sincere in helping you be all that you can be.

With Gratitude,

Allan Hunkin, 
Speaker, Writer, Broadcaster

Hand Analysis – Your Cosmic Signature

Yes! I Want a Hand Analysis Reading!


You have decided to take your life into your own hands, and investigate the purpose it is your destiny to fulfill. You are ready to take yourself on and set yourself free from the nagging doubts and fears that have held you back from knowing your Soul’s Agenda in this lifetime. You are even willing to face and tackle with the challenges that have held you back, that are inherent in the Life Lesson you signed up for.

Before we begin, I will need you to make original ink handprints and fingerprints. To do this I will send a Handprint Kit to the address you provide. The kit contains the materials you will need and detailed instructions on to take good quality hand and fingerprints. The kit is sent by snail mail, so depending on where you are in the world, it could take up to 10 days to reach you.

Once you’ve done your prints, you can make copies for yourself and mail the originals back to me at the address provided in the kit. As soon as I receive them and have done my initial analysis, we will book a time for your session which can be done either on a Zoom call or by Skype, whichever you prefer. I prefer Zoom, because I can display your handprints on the whiteboard and mark them up as we go. Also, if we use Zoom, I can record your session for you, because you certainly won’t be able to remember all the information you will receive.

A full, in depth, Hand Analysis Session lasts a good two and a half to three hours, sometimes longer, and costs $220 USD. In that time, I will explain the various elements of the Treasure Map inscribed in your hands and fingertips: your Life Purpose, Life Lesson, your Relationship Type and Mental Style, your approach to Career, Money, Creativity and Spirituality. I will also identify the unique gifts and talents you have been given to help you fulfill your Life Purpose.

You can ask any questions you may have and, if you are interested in going deeper, we can explore how I can support you in grappling with your particular Life Lesson and resolving any issues standing between you and living the soul-satisfying, “right” life you were specifically designed for.

After our session, I will send you copies of your handprints, marked up with all the various factors we have discussed, and a link to the recording of our Zoom Session.

(Because of the nature of out of town readings, both the Handprint Kit and the Reading are required to be paid in advance.)


Handprint Kit and Reading



The Scientific Art of Hand Analysis


Shelora Fitzgerald, M. Ed.

Mysterious MessagesHave you ever wished you came equipped with a “User’s Manual” to guide you to fulfilling the mission your soul came here to accomplish?  

When you asked for advice on how to live your life, did they tell you, “It’s up to you. It’s in your own hands, so to speak?” 

In one sense, they were right. No one else can tell you how to live your life. 

But little did they know that the answer to that universal question, “Why am I here?” literally IS in your hands. Your soul, in it’s wisdom, has left a message about what to do with your life carved into your body, right in front of your eyes. More specifically, it’s literally at your fingertips, in your fingerprints. The scientific name for fingerprints is “dermatoglyphs,” or skin carvings.  

Hands holding Blue BrainEncrypted in the mysterious lines, ridges, whorls and loops of your fingerprints, which are formed five months before you were born, at the same time your neural pathways of the brain are being laid down, lies an unchanging “Cosmic Signature” that, once decoded, reveals exactly what you were meant to do with your life.

It’s true.

At your fingertips lies a secret Treasure Map, a precise, easy to follow, and reliable guide to living the successful, soul-satisfying life for which each of us was specifically designed. 

Hand Analysis is scientific in that it follows the rules of science. It is teachable, it is learnable, it is duplicatable, and it is 99% accurate. Furthermore, it is backed up by a huge data base of forensic and medical knowledge. 

If you want to learn how to decipher the  topographical roadmap that an Invisible Hand inscribed into your hands to guide you on your journey to living the life  life you were designed to live, I teach “Deciphering Your Cosmic Signature” as a weekend seminar. 


Would I benefit from a Hand Reading?


A Life Purpose Hand Reading is powerful, affirming and life-changing. 

It’s magical and transformative.

But it’s not for everyone.

It might be for you if you’ve ever asked yourself . .

“Why I am here? What am I meant to do with my life?”

I can tell you, without hesitation, that the answer literally lies right in front of your eyes, like an enticing open book, just waiting to be read. 

You can’t read it, because it is written in a language you don’t yet know.

But, as a highly trained Certified Hand Analyst, I have been trained to recognize and translate this language from “Palmese” into English.

I can decipher the specific message from your Soul about what you are here to learn and accomplish that was encrypted into the lines and ridges of your fingertips five months before you were born, and does not change throughout your life.

Via a Hand Analysis session with me, you will discover your unique Life Purpose is literally at your fingertips!

Moreover, your palms reveal the secrets of your brilliance, beauty, and creativity in all of its glory.

However, there is a good reason why I say undertaking the journey to living your Life Purpose is not for everyone.

Life is not a rehearsal. Nor is it a spectator sport. This is it. Only you can take your place in the role you alone came here to play. 

I can lead you to the wings of the stage. But committing to step out onto the stage, prepared to do whatever it takes to live your best life, the one you were inherently designed for, is entirely up to you.

Are you ready to look in the hand mirror that is in front of your eyes, and listen to the message that your soul, in its wisdom, has left imprinted there? 

Are you ready to solve your own riddle and be part of your own solution?

Knowing the reason you came here, and what it will take to embody your Soul’s Agenda in this material world is not for the light-hearted.

It takes courage to recognize and confront your destiny. It takes authentic humility to  stop hiding out and playing it safe, and step into your true greatness. It takes a profound commitment to own and to utilize the gifts you have been given in service to a higher cause.

Above all, it takes tenacity, determination and a strong sense of purpose to persist in the face of the varied challenges that your Life Lesson, which is embedded in your Life Purpose, will inevitably present you with. 

Are you ready to look in the hand mirror that is in front of your eyes, and listen to the message that your soul, in its wisdom, has left imprinted there? 

Are you ready to solve your own riddle and be part of your own solution?

I can lead you to the wings of the stage. But committing to step out onto the stage, prepared to do whatever it takes to live your best life, the one you were inherently designed for, is entirely up to you.

Of course, we all have free will. No one is obligated to fulfill their Life’s Purpose. It just makes your life a lot easier and more fulfilling if you decide to give yourself the opportunity to see what your hands have to tell you.

I have worked with literally thousands of people helping them to discover and embrace their Life Purpose, so I can tell you what it takes to really benefit from investing in this process.  

Undertaking the journey to fulfilling your Life Purpose requires a high level of commitment to, and conscious awareness of, your own internal process.

You must be trusting of the process of life, open minded about change, and willing to take yourself on at a profound level.

You should be motivated, pro-active, able to take responsibility for your successes and challenges, and above all, committed to attaining MASTERY as a LEADER in the realm of your Life Purpose.

Once you know the formula for fulfilling your Life Purpose, and the lessons that you came here to learn, you need to be willing to confront the ways in which you have been sabotaging your own success.

This means you must be motivated to doing whatever it takes (within reason and in integrity) to integrate your Life Lesson and create the fulfilling life you desire.

Finally, you must be able to keep agreements with yourself and others, and be willing to make an investment in yourself.

What are the benefits of undertaking the arduous journey to the heart of the labyrinth that contains the precious treasure of the meaning of your life?

When you know your calling and your greater purpose, your productivity goes up, your focus gets clearer, your motivation skyrockets, and all the miscellaneous “stuff” in your life that used to pull you in different directions simply falls by the wayside. You get direction and clarity for the first time.


If you want to take the first step on this adventure into freeing your authentic self so it can fly, click below on ‘Yes! I Want A Hand Reading.”

Readings can be done in person, over the phone, or on Skype.